International Paper Takes Corporate Greenwashing to a Whole New Level

Takes Corporate Greenwashing to a Whole New Level

Last November Dogwood Alliance unveiled a new page on our website about (IP) and its destructive ways entitled “Ever Wonder Who’s Behind the Curtain of Forest Destruction?” In what appears to be a calculated effort to deflect our message, this week, IP, the South and world’s largest paper producer, unveiled a new website “Down to Earth” in an effort to convince the world that the consumption and production of vast amounts of paper is actually good for the planet. Even the name “Down to Earth” is full of irony – what planet is John Faraci, IP’s CEO from anyway?

At a time when the health of the planet and life as we know it hangs in the balance, IP’s latest attempt to cover its destructive practices in a thick layer of green paint is irresponsible and immoral. Will people really be bamboozled by a website produced by the biggest paper manufacturer on the planet touting paper as the holy grail that’s going to save our forests, protect us from climate change and preserve water quality and biodiversity? Let’s hope not. I believe as a culture, we are learning to recognize corporate doublespeak when we see it and IP’s new website is one of the most obvious examples out there. It’s really quite sad that IP would rather throw around half-truths than do something meaningful to protect our forests for future generations.

IP’s mass production of paper is destroying forests, water quality and wildlife habitat and releasing huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. And while other companies are taking responsibility and changing business practices, IP continues to play a game of smoke and mirrors, misleading the public, its customers and even its shareholders.

Collectively, we will unravel IP’s web of deceit and its fake green house of cards will fall. For, let’s be clear – the reason IP produced this website is because of the effectiveness of our work educating the public, corporate paper consumers and shareholders about how IP is leading the destruction of our forests. We’ve got IP on the run and its time to push even harder to win them over. Our children are counting on us.

For the forests,


Danna and Summer

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