KFC Needs to Do Its Fair Share for Forests

Andrew attended the KFC shareholder meeting to tell them to stop destroying our forests. Watch how it went!

Last week I attended the KFC shareholder meeting in Louisville, KY directly asking the CEO and Board of Directors to change the way they think about paper and stop destroying Southern forests for their paper packaging.

For a company that earned over $10 billion in revenue last year, the shareholder event was not very well attended, with mostly only board members and corporate attendees. Standing up to address the crowd, I spoke about the oversized impacts their cups, boxes and buckets have on our forests, what corporate responsibility means when it comes to sourcing from forests, and presented a roadmap forward for KFC to move from laggard to leader.

I want to take a moment to draw your attention to an exciting new way to learn more about our campaign and have fun while you are doing it. Starting earlier this month, the Dogwood Alliance team began producing v-logs (video blogs) to share campaign updates. Clocking in at around two minutes apiece, they are a fast way to find out what we have been up to on the campaign trail. In the v-logs you can see some serious and sometimes hilarious footage of our staff in action. Here is the latest, a re-cap of the happenings at last weeks KFC shareholder meeting.

We hope you enjoy the video and please take a moment to forward this on to your friends, share it on your social networks or comment on it on YouTube. And if you haven’t taken action yet, please join the over 20,000 people that have already taken action on the campaign here.

Thanks for your support! Together we will convince KFC to stop destroying the forests of the South that they call home and that we all depend on.

For our forests and communities,

Andrew Goldberg

Corporate Engagement Director

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