Comments Keep Rolling in on the KFC Campaign

A choice sampling of some of the great feedback we have been receiving on our KFC campaign… keep it coming!

Calling KFC’s moral commitment into question
“I do have compassion for your organization’s noble quest; but, sigh, I do think that if a company devalues our ecosystem in one aspect, I have little hope of their valuing all other aspects of said system.
Usually if ignoble practices have come into play within the framework of a company’s business dealings, it’s pretty much across the board in all their eco-systemic interactions. Our ecosystem is fragile and needs protecting, as you all too well know…” Lisa B

Reduction is a key component
“First off, thank you to yourself and your staff for your continued work. I truly believe what you are doing is hugely important, and have been thrilled to read about some of the past successes resulting from your campaigns. I look forward to hearing more about the KFC campaign, particularly the part about ‘Reducing overall packaging’. This issue alone cuts right to the heart of conservation and is one piece of the puzzle that consumers directly see. I’m getting ready to send another letter to Dunkin Donuts on this very issue. Again, Thank you very much for the continued work you are doing.” Jim T.

Talk to the funding banks
“I may not have an exact solution, but it did help. A year ago, a paper company was cutting timber on Indian land. We found out what bank or banks were financing the operation, petitioned the bank and voila. The tree cutting operation was stopped. If KFC won’t listen, we can try a different tactic.” Dale M.

Appreciative of well thought out demands
“This is well thought out and I would love to see it happen. I would certainly favor restaurants which would adhere to these principles. “ Patricia R.

Diverse Allies
“You guys should probably team up (possibly in a low-key way to avoid antagonizing non-vegetarian environmentalists) with the animal rights folks. KFC has a terrible record on animal welfare issues, if I am not mistaken, worse than that of MacDonalds. So it hardly surprises me that they are wasteful users of unsustainably harvested paper products. The common theme is that they have no vision of the future, and very narrow, limited ethical insight. I support a rigorous position on both issues – I am against frivolous and unsustainable deforestation (as well as monoculture plantation forestry), against cruel factory farming, in favour of massive reductions in per capita intakes of animal protein (how about a carbon/methane tax on meat, fish and poultry ?) etc., so I am not conflicted at all.” Michael B.

Enlist Oprah
“When KFC came out with their grilled chicken line, Ophra mentioned an online coupon that KFC had for the new project. KFC was overwhelmed with business. Why not contact Ophra to get her to join Dogwood Alliance’s campaign.” Olin I.

Examine Your Diet
“So if you want to save forests and reduce carbon footprint, a plant based diet is the major part of the solution. Chickens are actually descended from a wild pheasant and the cruelty and abuse of these creatures to be used by KFC for profit is untenable.” Patricia R.

Money Talks
“KFC has been a thorn in my side for a very long time The only thing they care about is how much money they can make off cheap chickens not only do they let their suppliers abuse these animals SEE KFC CRUELTY .COM. If they don’t care about them and polluting the environment with factory farming how can they care about the forests” Victoria R.

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