How Green is the Music Industry Infographic

Dogwood Alliance has been working with giants in the music industry like Universal Music Group and Sony Home Entertainment to green their packaging for the last few years. Last week, our friends at The Musician’s Guide contacted us and asked us to share their latest infographic on the good and bad in the music industry. Hope you enjoy!

Ever wondered just how green the music industry is? When you factor in the millions of fans travelling great distances to see their favourite artists, the recording studios with 100’s of electronic units left on 24/7 all year round, and the resources that are used to make music equipment, it’s not surprising to think that it’s not the most friendly industry out there.

Last month The Musician’s Guide – a UK musician resource website put together a campaign around the theme of ‘How Green is the Music Industry’ to shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly. That is, from the Ditty Bops and Jack Johnsons who are cycling thousands of miles to perform tours and insulating recording studios with recycled clothing, to the U2’s – whose 2010 tour had the same carbon footprint as a return trip to mars, or a lightbulb being left on for 159,000 years.

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How Green is the Music Industry Infographic


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