Geostellar Launches Sustainable Energy Network

Dogwood partner, Geostellar, is a sustainable energy network taking the fight against climate change and high utility bills nationwide. Through advanced simulations on an intuitive social platform, Geostellar helps homeowners take control of their energy use by deploying solar energy and energy efficiency solutions that cut costs, increase savings, and reduce carbon pollution.

Geostellar recently announced the launch at SXSW of a first-of-its-kind online Sustainable Energy Network that helps homeowners slash costs, save money, and fight climate change by reducing carbon pollution – all through the use of advanced home energy simulations, expert guidance and a broad array of solar installation, equipment and financing options. The intuitive social platform connects homeowners together to share expertise and encouragement while promoting the successful deployment of solar energy and energy efficient technologies.


With increasing public concern about the impacts of climate change and rising utility bills nationwide, Geostellar’s network meets a significant and growing challenge for American homeowners. Every home has a unique combination of energy demands, solar potential, utility rates and incentives. Geostellar’s advanced simulation provides an instant, free, and independent analysis of each and every home’s potential to take advantage of programs to reduce costs and carbon pollution.

“For many homes, the cleanest source of energy is now also the cheapest,’” said David Levine, founder and CEO of Geostellar. “By reducing costs and removing barriers to entry, Geostellar makes solar energy and energy efficient technologies more competitive across the U.S.”

“Every neighborhood has a solar enthusiast. Geostellar gives that person a way to encourage their neighbors to deal with ever-rising electric bills by switching to solar,” said Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison and an advisor to Geostellar. “After years of confusion and obscurity around home energy opportunities, Geostellar’s Sustainable Energy Network makes those choices simple, transparent, and accessible.”

Read Geostellar’s Fact Sheet here.

View Geostellar’s full press release here.

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