Highland Brewing Company Going Solar!

solar_panels2Highland Brewing Company is going solar! The company recently released the news that they will be switching over to solar power as a source of energy on sunny days. The company’s Vice President, Leah Ashburn, said,

“There are some tax benefits for installing solar. As a small business in the alcohol industry, we have challenges and pay plenty of taxes. When there are tax benefits that allow us to grow our business while we work toward sustainability, we are in.”

While Highland is committed to greening their beer-making, it’s still a work in progress, so they’ll continue to use regular power when solar isn’t enough. “We have to have reliable power to make beer and run the company,” she said.


We can’t wait to try out our very own beer made with the powers of the sun! It’s research!solar_panels

Highland Brewery originated in 1994 in downtown Asheville. You can find out more about the wonderful company here.

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