Craft Brewers Support Forest Protection

On Thursday, August 15, Catawba Brewing, with four locations in NC and Palmetto Brewing in Charleston, SC,  launched month-long $1 per pint fundraisers to benefit Dogwood Alliance’s work protecting the forests and people of the South.

To drink beer and protect forests, try their small batch American Light Lager!

American Light Lager is a small batch with a mild flavor profile built on Pilsner malts with flaked rice added to the mash to lighten the body. Pale straw in color. Crisp, clean, well-balanced finish. Highly refreshing and absolutely crushable.

You can drink American Light Lager at Catawba Brewing at the South Slope and Biltmore Village in Asheville, at the original location in Morganton, and on Louise Ave in Charlotte.

If you’re in Charleston, head over to Palmetto Brewing on Huger St for a refreshing American Light Lager and support the forests and people of the Southern US!

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