25th Anniversary Contest Winner: Tulsi Bell

We held a 25th Anniversary contest seeking a design from an awesome youth artist in celebration of forests! We welcomed ages 8-11 to submit. We’re excited to announce that we have a winner, and her name is Tulsi Bell!

We encouraged participants to incorporate our anniversary celebration tagline:

“Right Place. Right Time.”

That’s because we believe our track record of success over 25 years makes us ideally positioned to tackle the challenges of forest protection, climate change, and environmental justice. We are in the exact Right Place at the Right Time to take meaningful climate action for our future well-being.

The 25th Anniversary contest illustration that most stood out was a drawing of a Lady Slipper flower by Tulsi Bell.

25th anniversary contest winner
25th Anniversary contest winning design by Tulsi Bell

Congratulations to our 25th Anniversary Contest Winner: Tulsi Bell!

Because of habitat loss, some kinds of Lady Slippers are very rare and have a protected status. Tulsi chose the Lady Slipper for her illustration because you have to be in the Right Place at the Right Time to see them bloom.

Tulsi is 10 years old and lives on a beautiful piece of forested land in Barnardsville, North Carolina. She attends a small nature-based school nearby and enjoys swimming, drawing, reading, and playing dodgeball. She has a sharp mind and an innovative spirit.

Logo Contest Winner: Tulsi Bell
25th Anniversary Contest Winner Tulsi Bell from North Carolina

Tulsi’s home is on a north-facing mountain and she enjoys visiting the patch of yellow Lady Slippers on her land each Spring. She is glad that her family is able to protect this special patch of land and its Lady Slippers from deforestation and development.

A big thank you to our 25th Anniversary contest winner, Tulsi, for her beautiful design that captures the Right Place Right Time that we’re in.

Here is the design turned into its final graphic form:

25th anniversary contest winning design
25th Anniversary Contest winner: Right Place Right Time

Stay tuned for more 25th Anniversary activities coming soon!


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