Colonel Sanders, Memories of Destruction, Chapter 2

Today is the second installment of our Colonel Sanders, Memories of Destruction Series.  Currently, KFC is cashing in on memories of the Colonel with where they are collecting photos and stories of the Colonel.  We think that if the Colonel were alive today he wouldn’t be too happy with having his face on millions of buckets made from clearcut Southern forests.

We are releasing our own series of photos of the Colonel on our blogFacebook and Twitter with creative captions to match what’s happening in the photos.  We would love it if you would post captions of your own by commenting on the pictures on our blog and Facebook, and share these photos with your friends.  You might even consider grabbing the photo and making it your profile picture for a day or two, or posting it on KFC’s wall.

Here is the second photo from Ben Stumped, who was just a toddler when he met the Colonel near his home in the Green Swamp of Southeastern NC:

Colonel Sanders meet baby Ben Stumped

“When I was not even two years old I got to meet the Colonel.  He was out with the men from the paper company touring the swamps where they were cutting trees to make his buckets.  We lived out off the old highway, right next to where they were clearcutting that day.  We were just getting home from church and there was the Colonel right across the road.  Mom scooped me up and took me to meet the ole Colonel.  I don’t remember but she says he was real nice.  The men from the paper company were telling him all about how the new Sustainable Forestry Initiative was going make sure sure the swamp grew back.  He was real happy about that.  It’s a shame though, cause that’s not really what happened.  After they cut all the trees, they came in with big machines and dug ditches to drain all the wetlands so they could plant nothing but fast growing pine trees.  After that, there wasn’t much left around here, much but tree farms anyway.  Dad had to quit hunting cause he said there just weren’t any deer left anymore, nothing for them to eat.  I wish I could have grown up hunting with dad like he did with grandpa.”

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