Domtar Reaches Five Million Tons in FSC Paper Sales

Domtar, the largest manufacturer of office copy paper in North America, today announced that it has sold its five millionth ton of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified uncoated fine paper, a first for the North American market. Domtar’s EarthChoice® Product Line represents the widest range of FSC certified papers available today, and the milestone solidifies the company’s position as a longstanding industry leader in responsible fiber sourcing and sustainable practices.

Domtar revolutionized the industry when it became the first company in North America to offer FSC certified copy paper in 2005. By breaking from the norm and embracing sustainable goals, Domtar helped create a new model of collaboration – one that has led to long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s leading environmental organizations, including the Rainforest Alliance and Dogwood Alliance.

“As an organization working to conserve forests in the largest paper producing region in the world, the US South, we have been pleased with the leadership Domtar has taken to produce paper that has a lighter touch in the woods,” said Danna Smith, Executive Director at Dogwood Alliance. “Domtar was an early adopter of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, when many people said it couldn’t be done in the US South. They proved their critics wrong with the production of Earth Choice and 5 million tons later are continuing to lead the way.”

5 Million Tons

Domtar is also an active participant and supporter of the Carbon Canopy, a collaboration between Dogwood Alliance, Fortune 500 companies, ENGOs, and sustainability leaders in the pulp and paper and wood products industry. Carbon Canopy is a ground-breaking initiative that incorporates the preservation of ecosystem services into forest management in the Southern U.S. This is the highest bar for responsible forestry supply chain management in existence. We’ve started with building a credible carbon market model and envision developing similar markets for other benefits of ecosystem services like reduced soil erosion, plentiful aquifers and water quality.

Read more about how Dogwood Alliance has worked with some of the largest paper companies in the world, including Domtar, to transform their practices.

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